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by ❀ Foliage ❀

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Pattern 02:49
I fall into that pattern of self-abuse To chase those thoughts that linger that aren't true How am I to find? The right method to confide? In myself? I fall for lies my brain choose With my frail mind I seek to find who's by my side Take time, analyze I can never move forward if I don't try
Cue me in on what I never knew Though, few however ever endeavored All your rules, it's true In reference to The being you portray, you're not at all that you That crafted personality has really fucked you and You haven't got a clue I hope you pull through You've had enough Take the pain and turn it into a song If that's not power? Help yourself for more than an hour You know that you could be Just like anybody But you should set yourself to be The best of anybody
Apprehension 03:01
I still feel apprehensive To go on with the way I live I always forget the person I really am I always forget I'm a person outside my head But I can't really kill myself yet It's fucked up that I would even consider it I just live with all this apprehension Others know I'll always have my compassion And that's sad, i'm worth more than that To be thinking constantly To be worrying, of everything Even the thoughts that bother me And what that says 'bout me as a person I always try my best not to question it Why the fuck do I have to question it? When I clearly don't even fuck with that? I don't want to make my mom cry I don't want to make my grandma cry I don't want to make the homies cry I don't want to make my brother cry I don't want to make my sisters cry I don't want to make my nephew cry I don't want to make myself cry I don't want to make my girlfriend cry
The Next Day 03:38
I'm staring at this picture We took at the end of last year And I can't have you anymore I enjoyed our time together Although that things are over And we have have moved on I can focus on my own problems And find healthy coping I will never listen to my own mind I know my heart's good inside and outside My OCD fucks with me Today's my day I feel like a person The next day's already here Today's my day, improving myself by The next day's plan of having no fear
Mother's Day 02:17
I miss you very much You were another mom to me when I was growing up You were so great and never fake You never faked your personality I don't care what they say but You were so much more than a party animal You were always a great mother You were so much more than a drunken set of words You always told me that you cared You always showed me that you cared Well Happy Mother's Day, today we're sad Though you and your daughter still remain best friends Though I miss you, I still feel our memories Though I miss you, you're no longer suffering But when I laugh for instance, you are with me But when I love for instance, you are with me At the Pearly Gates where they found you At the Pearly Gates we'll one day join you But for now, I'll do what I can do I'll always love you and miss you, Grandpa too
Talk to Me 02:48
Talk to me Any night, even when No one seems to be there Don't want you to end up with nowhere to go Usually cynical, it's hard to make a friend Oh yeah, oh yeah But you seem great and I like you a lot You think the same, I tell you that i'm not Constantly hate myself for the simple act of thought Wish I didn't live this way, it fills me with distraught Although it's all in my mind I can't help but feel fucking awful Oh and why? I haven't done anything Yet the thoughts fuck with me constantly Oh yeah, that's okay One day I hope it all goes away It's a lot on the brain And the heart, my life feels grey But I hope you know that you, you can Talk to me Any night, even when No one seems to be there Don't want you to end up with nowhere to go
First off can I say? I really love the way you love me And with every single day I really love the woman you are And that's not all, and that's not all You're my best friend, you deserve the world I know that it's taken a while So here it is, your song I'd like to tell you, I love you Every day, in a song, so here you are I'd like to tell you, I love you Every day, in a song, so here you are And that's not all, and that's not all You're my best friend, you deserve the world I'd like to tell you, I love you Every day, in a song, so here you are I'd like to show you, I mean that Every day for the rest of our lives And when we grow old, we can put this song on And this will be, your first song
Tranquility 02:39
Please take me by the hand if you're willing to show me All the beauty in this life, I'll take it in for what it is But can you please remind me? Of who I am when I forget Know it can be annoying But please bear with me, I won't let This be, a crutch on me or limit my abilities I'll conquer all ultimately I'll make you proud, just you see But more importantly, Take me by the hand and tell me How to live so graced and care free With this disability, I crave all tranquility Take me by the heart and show me Just how much you really know me You are always there for me, I'll love you for infinity
When I Wake 02:25
When I awake, you're always the first one that I take in When I awake, you're always the first one I say hey to I always ask you "how's it goin?" And then you're usually always working But yet you still make time for me On the job, even when it's busy But more importantly, I think the sweetest thing Is just being able to tell you anything You are my Winter, Spring You are my Summer, Fall I promise through out the years To be forever all yours You're my best friend in the whole wide world Want you to know, you'll always have a home In my arms, in my head In my heart, In my bed In my soul forever, even when I'm dead And you will always have me to take wherever you go When I now wake, I'm in amazement by your face and When I now wake, I fall in love just everyday now Now i'm awake, and i'm now grateful to be playing Now i'm awake, and I don't see life's love decaying
What's the point in living with this hate towards yourself? Can you find a new way to reassess your self review? Cause you're killing you And you don't need know-how You can pick at all your worries That's on you, you clown You'll lose What do I have to do? To get you to prove to you? To trust in you, that none of that Pertains to you, please don't let your thoughts Define you, or try to win You can not lose When you have love in you This is a song to myself, all I have to say: Please don't be so hard on yourself
Another day, drifting off Into your thoughts, intrusive This is a song to myself As a reminder, to give me help Don't listen to your mind, just continue your life You'll never shed another tear Hey, listen close, you're really not Any of those things your mind perceives you as Obsessively thinking, An addiction of mine that I didn't want Don't worry 'bout your scrupulosity You hurt yourself by thinking constantly Just trust yourself and know yourself honestly You're the only one that knows you deep down Know yourself and what you're about Take a moment, sit back down You know how far that you've come around I'd like to not to, I'm not going to Fall into these rituals I'm not going to, fall back into Not going to live like this anymore Now I can live my normal life


All songs written, recorded, & engineered by...
All instruments performed by...
Manuel Joseph Walker

Artwork by...
Katsushika Hokusai


released September 20, 2019

ZT118 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2019


all rights reserved



❀ Foliage ❀ San Bernardino, California


❀ Foliage ❀ is the solo project of San Bernardino, California's Manuel Joseph Walker

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