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Foliage - Side A (Tracks 1-3)
Andrew Younker - Side B (Tracks 4-6)

All songs written, recorded, & engineered by...
All instruments performed by...
Manuel Joseph Walker & Andrew Younker

Forever - (Manuel Joseph Walker)
Be Transparent - (Manuel Joseph Walker)
Nervous To Exist Around You - (Cover by Manuel Joseph Walker,
Written by Andrew Younker)

Thankful - (Andrew Younker)
Unhook The Stars - (Andrew Younker)
Value - (Cover by Andrew Younker, Written by Manuel Joseph Walker)

Artwork by Manuel Joseph Walker
Photography by Alexis Cuevas and Sarah Beltran

Andrew Younker:

Cassettes available at:


released December 14, 2018

Bedroom-produced aficionados Manuel Joseph Walker and Andrew Younker come together to bring a beautiful offering of their shimmering Jangle-Pop they've been known to create. A match made in heaven, the Split drives upon not only their signature sounds, but their love for each other's work, with new songs that compliment each other with such elegance resulting in an addictive listen.
When Manuel reached out to Andrew shortly following the success of his latest record "III" to express love for Andrew's latest record "Well Wishes", the love was reciprocated and talks of a release began. The young multi-instrumentalist/producers agreed to write two new tracks as well as do a cover of each other's favorite track from their latest release.
The result is a masterpiece ranging themes of death, love, appreciation, taking others for granted, and eternal life.
In the words of the artists', we got exactly what we wanted.


all rights reserved



❀ Foliage ❀ San Bernardino, California


❀ Foliage ❀ is the solo project of San Bernardino, California's Manuel Joseph Walker


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Track Name: Forever
Like yesterday, it was only today
A month's already passed me by,
never thought you would fade

We knew this day was coming,
that's just our fate
I hope you know the life that you lived was great,
your wife loved you, she'll still love you

Always, and forever
Til' death do you part
Like it did, she don't even care
You'll always be in her heart

When it's her time, she says to celebrate
I can't do that, you guys were my everything
All you guys did for me, all you guys did for my family

It hurts to know that how you died was the suffering of your own mind
I go through this shit everyday, and I want to die, but I can't die.
I'd never put my mother through that, I love her more than anything
You'll never die in my caged mind, you'll always live, forever

It gets fucking hard to hide, but that's just life
Yours is over and we miss you, tell God send me a sign

Of healing
Of love
Of everything, you told me

I never would've played guitar, if it wasn't for the one that you bought
I miss you
I love you
Track Name: Be Transparent
How you doin?
Not much goin' on
It's the same for me, don't worry
Glad i'm not the one who's leading on, whoever comes, as a scheme to try for devotion

That's not how you treat someone
Who'd be down for you
But you'll never know that will you?
But you can never really know, you know?
The judgment in your heart be yours, though you oughta
Open up more, be transparent
Could be missing out on something
Let's go and hike up on the mountains, tell me what you want
You are very insecure and I know that
Your attention-seeking habits confirm that
I thought you were different
Track Name: Nervous To Exist Around You (Andrew Younker)
I don't care about much anymore
But I think you're not included in that
I'm splitting hairs but that's a one way road
I'm about to start spitting blood if I can't get to you by the end of the month
I have a hard time being alone, I've found

At the store, I bought Avatar
The cartoon, not the Blu-ray
I didn't expect to see you there

So tell me, why i'm so nervous to exist around you
Tell me, why i'm so nervous to exist around you

The story's boring cause it never turns out
And i'm tired, of waiting around
Oh they come out of the woodwork now
There's something different about you, I swear to God
Couldn't figure it out if I tried
No reason to feel like I wasted my time

Careful hands, when I don't think much of a glance
But i'd really, really like to be friends
So let me call my therapist to

Tell me, why i'm so nervous to exist around you
Tell me, why i'm so nervous to exist around you
Track Name: Thankful
Been that kinda day where I just wanna stay inside and not think about the world
I've got all I need right in front of me girl

Oh when its up to you, you make me wanna say that I love this place and I hear it loud.
You make me see the sky i can feel it now.

Thankful is how I feel
I won't forget your smile when we're way too long apart
Thank you for being free
Free enough to share your great big heart

At first I found it hard to write for two verses at a time, but then i met you
You make it easy to be myself and I hope you feel how I do, I hope its true

I don't know why they fictionalize love, I could tell that this was true from the moment we ran off
You're my best single friend that I have, and I want the best for you, so I'll give it what I've got

I've got some errands to run, I'll call you when i'm done
Lets stay in and make a dinner together, i'm picky but I'll eat whatever
I promise that I'll never be done, you and me together like the smoke and a gun
Take a picture that'll last forever
Track Name: Unhook The Stars
You can always give it another try if you're up for it
Well I'd like you to stick around, even if the hurricane is bringing you down
Can I ever tell you all about my shitty day?
I promise it won't take very long, I've got Zelda to play

Don't go
Stay until the oceans run out of salt
Don't go, if that's okay
I don't care what the doctor said if the doctor said it to me
I'll unhook the stars right above your head if you don't wanna hear it from me

Ohhhh what a member
Ohhhh what a choice
Ohhhh to remember the sound of your voice

Pooling, i'm pooling
Can I get some sunshine and a sidewinder?
Go and take my money, i'm not funny
I'm not kidding, that's for sure
Track Name: Value (Foliage)
It's too early on to tell you, how I feel about you
I know you're nervous too, it's been a while since you've been out too
I know that you really like me, and I would like to,
Let you know that i'm into you
It's been a long time since i've said that before, but I mean that
How about you?

Can we skip that part about falling in love with each other?
I value you too much as a person to potentially hurt you

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